VR casinos against the land-based ones- the war is real:

The above statement could be held true even with online casinos taking over land-based ones. Initially people had mixed opinions about online casinos. But things were pretty different when the concept of gambling online started gaining popularity. What started out as a supplementary field to the land-based casinos, in some areas began to become a replacement. Some of the land-based casinos started closing with the drop in the number of gamblers. This is because, economically, the online casinos were found to be a lot lighter on the pocket than the land based ones. Also for beginners, online casinos offered the right platform to begin their journey. That is why the battle between the casino worlds began. And now with the advent of VR casinos that make up for the few things that the online casinos miss out, the situation is getting graver. There are questions about what the casinos would really do to the land based casinos. How would these affect the economy? As online casinos are being legalized in several regions, the questions remain open and for now, we can only assume that most professional gamblers, and those gamblers who still love authenticity and those that still wish to play the old school way would continue marching to the land based casinos for as long as they exist.

What does the future hold for VR casinos?

The concept clearly sounds sophisticated and player friendly. But how much of it has really been materialized is the big question. The skepticism that still prevails should be overtaken by clearly laying down the benefits that are offered. Another big limitation is the lack of VR games. Though there are other games which are VR based, VR casino games are, as of now pretty less. So there is ample scope for growth here.